Credit Counselling Quiz time. Discover your spending personality type

by Credit Canada October 14, 2015

Our credit counselling experts in Toronto have a quiz offering a general look at your money personality type. Specifically it deals what you’re about in terms of spending and budget creation. So as not to get caught up in complicated matters surrounding human behaviour – for we are all complicated creatures – the quiz has distilled a […]

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Comparison shopping. A good way to get a handle on credit card debt.

by Credit Canada October 7, 2015

When the term comparison shopping comes up, many people think: Yes, it’s probably a good idea, but who’s got the time to do it these days? That thinking can be a mistake because comparison shopping, if done right, can be well worth anyone’s time. It can help you reduce credit card debt. It holds the potential for good savings […]

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Stretch your grocery dollar with a grocery friendly budget!

by Credit Canada September 30, 2015

Want assurance that you really are saving at the grocery store when discounts are announced? Want to be sure you’re not just being bedazzled
by store claims for sales that might not always be quite as wonderful as promised? Want to create a budget for grocery shopping that guarantees smart purchases and big savings over time? Start with […]

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Busted budgets can be fixed. Here’s how.

by Credit Canada September 23, 2015

Creating a personal budget is one thing. Sticking to it is quite another. Generally, three factors contribute to a busted budget. A lack of commitment, an unrealistic approach to spending, and unplanned expenses. With a little self-awareness and work, though, the problems can be fixed. Here are strategies to help with budgeting. You may have […]

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Credit Counselling advice: Financial Freebies To Help You Save

by Credit Canada September 16, 2015

The expression “the best things in life are free” usually applies to all the things we value in life that don’t involve money. But let’s be honest about financial freebies, large or small. They’re most appreciated. Of course they are. Our credit counselling experts in Toronto  have put together a list of financial freebies which […]

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Wear a smile, too. Gear up for personal savings on clothing.

by Credit Canada September 9, 2015

  How you look is important. But how your finances look is even more important – especially if you’re spending beyond your means on clothing and accessories. As a part of our credit counselling we suggest that you get buttoned down through reduced spending on clothing so you can stay debt free. To gear up […]

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Cheap tricks for fun trips. Budgeting for getaways.

by Credit Canada September 2, 2015

  Travel and adventure needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Have fun and save some coin by exploring these nine money-saving travel tips and secrets that make for smart trip budgeting. 1)  Compare and monitor airfare. Costs for air travel vary widely depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Check […]

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Credit counselling and bookkeeping advice for college students.

by Credit Canada August 26, 2015

College and university students above all need to find ways to wisely manage money. Credit counselling for college students can help them avoid taking on unnecessary debt. Getting a post-secondary education is expensive these days, with lots going to tuition, textbooks etc. – and having a life, too, of course. It’s the smart student who […]

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Denial isn’t a river in Egypt. It’s an issue involving debt problems

by Credit Canada August 19, 2015

Forget Egypt. Denial can be found across Canada these days as many of us keep spending like mad creating debt problems for Canadians that are taking household debt levels to unprecedented heights. That’s not even counting mortgage debt, which also is mounting furiously thanks to what many experts say is an overheated housing market. So called […]

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Put more muscle into your financial planning. Credit Counselling to crush your mortgage.

by Credit Canada August 12, 2015

Credit Canada credit counselling offers financial help for Canadians struggling with their mortgage. Glee is the operative word for those who manage to shorten the time
 it takes to pay off their home mortgage in Canada. Most who put the debt to bed early feel wonderful, liberated, dizzy with joy. They’ve worked hard. They’ve made financial sacrifices to […]

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