christmas credit card debt

Here’s a question for all you Santas out there, male or female, as you go about shopping this holiday season. Are you being mind controlled by retailers who use subtle psychological tricks to get you to spend more than you should on gifts and goods? That might be the case. Your credit card debt come January could tell the story, with Christmas bills often doubling or even tripling. According to studies, millions of us fall prey to under-the-radar sales techniques that encourage us to overspend at this time of year – and for that matter at any time of year. [click to continue…]


What the Collection Agencies Won’t Tell You

by Paulette Thompson on December 16, 2014

The Stop Collection Calls with Credit Canada video was shown during a monthly staff meeting and it captured the attention of everyone in the room.  I remember the reaction of Vito’s counsellor, Josie.  She was sitting beside me and she remembered meeting him years ago and how stressed he was.  Our counsellors care about their clients, and it was obvious in our boardroom that day. [click to continue…]


Extreme cheapskates, and downright creepy debt management practices.

by Laurie Campbell December 11, 2014

It’s often said that there’s a fine line between being frugal and being a cheapskate. But that can be misleading. After checking out a reality TV show on The Learning Channel called Extreme Cheapskates, I see that there can be a very thick line between the thrifty and the stingy. Just look at the show’s […]

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Many people trust no one for advice about financial planning. Why?

by Laurie Campbell December 9, 2014

How did this happen? Take one out of any four millennials – or people aged 25 to 35 – and you will find that he or she trusts no one for advice about financial planning. That, at least, is the conclusion drawn from one major study this fall. By extension, I draw my own conclusion […]

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Six Tips to Avoid Christmas Shopping Stress.

by Tina Hill December 4, 2014

  Let’s face it, you’ve probably opened your wallet a little too much around the holidays at least once in your lifetime.   It’s easy to get lost in the spirit of giving, or the spirit of decorating your house perfectly, or the spirit of making sure you have five drink selections for company and not […]

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Are millennials delayed starters or just enjoying life while they can?

by Jillian Rodrigues December 2, 2014

Recently Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell wrote a blog highlighting the reluctance and of many of today’s millennials to move out of their parents’ homes and start their own financially independent lives.  As a millennial who bought my first home at the age of 26, I can tell you how confusing and frustrating this can […]

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What a week! CEWC brings more fun and wisdom to financial literacy.

by Laurie Campbell November 25, 2014

Financial coaching needn’t be boring. It is hardly a dull or sleepy experience to see author and financial journalist Bruce Sellery bring loads of laughs to an auditorium, or hear media star Dianne Buckner of TV’s Dragons’ Den fame captivate a crowd with personal stories about money, or share insightful conversation with some of the smartest […]

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The photos are in. Winners of the Tweet us Your Money Face Contest.

by Phil Brown November 20, 2014

In celebration of last week’s Credit Education Week Canada (CEWC), we challenged folks to snap selfies and enter the photos in the Tweet Us Your Money Face Contest for cash prizes. The idea was to get people to capture expressions showing feelings towards money and financial planning. We received lots of fun, if not bizarre, […]

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The Subprime Child takes top prize in CEWC’s student essay contest.

by Laurie Campbell November 19, 2014

Funny. Insightful. Beautifully written. Deserving words of praise for a short essay that addresses the question: What’s the dumbest thing you ever did with your money and what did you learn from the experience? The essay – titled The Subprime Child – took the grand prize of $5,000 in this year’s Credit Education Week Canada (CEWC) Student […]

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Debt Problems Can Happen to Everyone.

by Emma Rogers November 13, 2014

This is my favourite client video because Bernice, Niki, Elaine and Vito have really put themselves out there in the hope that other people will hear their stories and seek the help with debt problems they need. At a time where we’re all marketing the heck out of our lives on our social media accounts it’s […]

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