Online fees can sneak up on you. Debt management can help.

by Laurie Campbell on September 2, 2014

debt management

This week I ask, have you  got a handle on online charges and subscription fees relating to cable and Internet-mobile services? The outlays ought to be tracked and built in to a  budget that you put down in writing and use for your debt management. Check your bills from the last few months for charges that may seem to come cheap separately but that collectively over time can add up to a significant sum. You might find billings of 99 cents each for apps, $7.99 for Netflix, $6.99 for the second Hunger Games installment Catching Fire, and much more. If there are online gamers in the house, you might find bumps of $5.00 or more for each session of the very popular Clash of Clans, or at least 99 cent charges for other games. Such charges could represent just the tip of the digital spending iceberg. [click to continue…]


Dating & money. Could credit card debt break your heart?

by Laurie Campbell on August 28, 2014

relationship problems from credit card debt


I can’t argue with the young Beatle Paul McCartney when he sings, “Money can’t buy me love.” On the other hand, I can argue that only an innocent or a fool would dismiss the important role money plays in dating, especially when a relationship gets serious.

Some obvious money rules and signals come into play for those looking to succeed in romance. The way money is treated and discussed during dating can reveal much truth about a partner’s character, and about his or her level of financial literacy. Hopes for a happy romantic future can depend on how realistically your date treats money from the get go. But of course, clever partners can also be masters of disguise in relation to personal finance and debt, particularly credit card debt. Furthermore, ambiguous emotional variables can present themselves as relationships grow, in which case judgments of the heart may depend largely on instinct and intuition. [click to continue…]

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Finding answers, one meeting at a time.

August 26, 2014


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Celebrities who blew it all. Credit counselling might have helped.

August 21, 2014

Never mind what lessons in achievement we can take from celebrities in entertainment and other rich and famous souls. We ought to consider what we can learn from them by the way they spend their money, and most particularly by the way some of them have blown their money. I can think of no better […]

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Behind all credit card debt, you’ll find a money personality type.

August 14, 2014

If you want to get to know the true character of others, watch what they do, not what they say. That especially applies to how people treat money. Most importantly, it relates to individual self-awareness about attitudes surrounding personal finance and in particular issues surrounding credit card debt since those little plastic cards have become […]

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Back to School Shopping tug-of-war.

August 12, 2014

I remember, as a child, shopping for school clothes with my mother being incredibly frustrating.  I wanted the black bomber jacket that all the cool kids were wearing but somehow I ended up with a puffy wine colored look-alike.  True, they were both hoodless, waist-length jackets but there’s no fooling a group of 12-year olds […]

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Does Facebook make you spend more?

August 7, 2014

When we think of Facebook we think of connecting with friends and family, posting pictures and browsing through other people’s pictures to see what they’ve been up to (only occasionally though right?). We don’t think of going on a “Facebook shopping spree” so why is it that recently do we find ourselves pulling out our […]

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This team’s goal? Better financial planning skills for all Canadians.

August 1, 2014

Let’s count our blessings as Canadians. How many other countries right now have a determined national goal to help improve the economic standing of all citizens through financial education, otherwise known as financial literacy? How many other countries have made seniors their first order of priority for improved skills in financial planning and personal money […]

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Think you’ve set your child up for financial stability? Include managing a windfall!

July 31, 2014

When we think about a financial plan for our children designed for their financial stability, very few parents worry about what could happen if their child had too much money one day. Rather it may not even seem like a problem at all. So what happens when your own child suddenly becomes the recipient of a […]

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Some true stories about how debt consolidation has helped people overcome debt.

July 29, 2014

For Bernice, Niki, Elaine, and Vito, the world is a much friendlier place. No more anxiety, sleepless nights, or fear of phone calls from snarling bill collectors. Today all four have overcome bad debt with the help of Credit Canada Debt Solutions. Hear what the four have to say about how they got control of [...]

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