financial planning for gas savings

What do falling gas prices mean to you in terms of personal spending and financial planning? Well, if you’re thinking here’s an opportunity to go out and get yourself a great big shiny gas guzzler of a car, truck, or SUV, let me remind you about that famous song by the late Beatle George Harrison that goes, “All things must pass.” Yes, dear reader, just as surely as gas prices fall, they most assuredly will go back up, and perhaps sooner than expected. [click to continue…]

Does my parka look good with these sandals?

by Paulette Thompson on January 22, 2015

credit card vacation debt

As I fought my way through my local shopping mall on the weekend I couldn’t help but notice the stores are filled with parkas and flip flops. Yes, that’s right folks. There’s nothing that finishes off your fur lined hooded jacket like a bright new pair of yellow flip flops.

It didn’t take me long to realize that stores are catering to those who choose to worship the sun over the snow. Crazy I say! I’ve never understood the need to fly South during the winter months only to come back to freezing cold temperatures with huge credit card debt, talk about depressing. [click to continue…]

Higher interest rates loom. Get out your debt calculator.

by Laurie Campbell January 20, 2015

Got a debt calculator at hand? It could be time to re-crunch some numbers now that experts are forecasting a hike in Canada’s benchmark bank interest rate. It’s worrying people. Experts are predicting an increase of a one-half point base rate increase probably next autumn. While the hike isn’t bound to significantly impact credit card […]

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Resolve to plan your taxes early.

by Phil Brown January 16, 2015

You’ve probably framed or planned your resolutions for the New Year. Maybe they cover solving your debt issues, your diet, or finally finishing that novel this year. But have you considered one of the most important resolutions of all? It’s your taxes. Yes your taxes. There are many people who handle their financial planning like […]

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Debt management and the deceased. Finances should rest in peace too.

by Laurie Campbell January 13, 2015

Many Canadians with aging parents ought to brace themselves for unwelcome financial news when mom and dad pass on. The trend through 2014 showed that seniors continue to lead the country in debt growth and that more and more of the elderly are leaving nothing behind as they depart this world. In fact, poor debt […]

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Solutions for faltering New Year’s resolutions.

by Laurie Campbell January 9, 2015

For untold millions come each New Year, it’s the never-ending story. Maybe it’s your story. You resolve to lose weight, but a year later you’ve still got that big rubber tire attached to your waist. You resolve to quit smoking, but a year later you’re still paying thousands to dig your own grave. You resolve […]

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On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…an expired gift card and a Snuggie?

by Kerri Barreca January 6, 2015

It’s Christmas day.  The house is busy with the sounds of carols playing on the stereo, the smell of French toast travels from the kitchen and the Christmas log burns brightly on the TV.   Next up, the much anticipated gift exchange.  A fun tradition for the most part and a time to show those we […]

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Curing the Christmas Money Hangover.

by Doug Hoyes January 1, 2015

Christmas is by its very nature a time to indulge. We set aside our worries, eat more than we should, attend a few too many parties, and despite our best intensions spend more than we planned. The problem with any indulgent behaviour is that, overdone, it leads to the inevitable hangover. For Christmas spending that […]

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Debt management alert. Canadians beware of price gouging on U.S. goods.

by Laurie Campbell December 25, 2014

Here’s a debt management alert that may or may not surprise a lot of Canadians. Our government has determined that price gouging has been going on in Canada in relation to U.S. consumer goods. Even taking into account disparities in currency rates, a lot of us have been targeted by greedy retailers who have been jacking […]

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Lazy Millennials? I think not!

by Helen Ramlal December 23, 2014

Two months ago, a blog was written stating that Millennials with debt problems should pull up their bootstraps, go out there and find a job. Other generations have done it—so why can’t they? It implied that Millennials were coasting and taking advantage of cozy home arrangements with their parents well into their twenties and thirties and failing […]

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